Nikki & Ryan | Camarillo Spanish Hills Country Club Wedding

February 19th, 2015

I remember telling myself while editing Nikki & Ryan’s Spanish Hills Country Club wedding, “What a classic and fun couple!”. From keeping traditions like seeing each other for the first time down the aisle to just the way Nikki upheld herself throughout the day- mature and elegant are one of many words I can use to describe the ambiance that surrounded them. But I can’t forget to mention how enjoyable it was to be with Nikki & Ryan on their wedding. I mean what kind of bride asks to take a selfie with me right after their recessional using my DSLR! =P Celebrating their marriage for me was all the more sweeter since I had the privilege of photographing their rehearsal dinner the day before and got to chat with many of their family members and close friends. Maybe that experience makes me biased, but I know there was a genuine joy that filled the reception hall where we celebrated their union.

Without further ado, I am pleased to share with you Nikki & Ryan’s Camarillo Spanish Hills Country Club Wedding! Enjoy!

PS. Happy Birthday Nikki! :)



















































SUPstyled | Downtown Los Angeles Inspirational Shoot

February 13th, 2015

Stewart and I are SO excited to finally reveal our very first inspirational shoot that we did last month! We are also thankful and proud to share that this shoot was featured just the other day on Elizabeth Anne Designs! Stewart and I thought it’d be nice to talk about the whole planning process of this styled shoot and the inspiration behind our style and vision. It’s quite long so bare with me!! :)

Starting Point: We thought this inspirational shoot was a great way to start off 2015 and we had so much fun putting all of this together! We often brought up the idea of doing a styled shoot but we hadn’t really put much thought to executing the vision and nailing down the nitty gritty of logistics. We put the idea in the back of our minds and knew there would be a right time for it. Simply Bridal, a wedding dress company, reached out to us one day and spoke highly of a wedding feature of ours they came across, relaying their wishes to collab in the future. Stewart and I both thought the same thing- this would be the perfect opportunity to start planning our styled shoot. We were thrilled and jumped on the idea as we started to search for the perfect dresses.

Inspiration: Towards the beginning, I had a general idea of the vision for our styled shoot which was also an important starting point- a wedding dress should flow and compliment the overall aesthetic and style of the wedding and vice versa. To talk about my inspiration, my taste and style can be described as minimalistic but it can also be moody. I absolutely love simplicity and super clean neutrals but I also love pops of color and texture. I’m all about a simple canvas with a subtle hint of boldness. I knew that the foundation would be based on natural beauty and a neutral palette but I desired to incorporate a hint of color and texture for our bride and each setting. I am an avid user of Pinterest (another way of saying I’m completely addicted to the site) and pinned all of my ideas from hairstyles and makeup to table settings, linens, color, florals, etc. I could seriously talk on and on about Pinterest and why it’s so useful for the bride but I’ll save that for later! Haha. During the first part of the shoot, we really wanted to focus on our bride model and bouquet, later on accompanied by candlesticks and gentle lining of florals on the ground to mock an aisle. My final color palette for our shoot came to be grey, crystal, gold, silver, lavender, and greens. I loved the idea of having a neutral base with hints of gold and silver accents. We implemented gold into our flatware, rims of dishes (all different by the way!) and glasses. The silver was implemented in cups, mercury glasses and candlesticks. However, the lavender was very important to me as it encompassed the whole vision in a subtle way. The crystal cups we picked out were lavender with texture. This was complimented by a small piece of misty blues we set on each menu (also done in a lavender color), and you will see that we had incorporated a lavender base from the very start (bouquet, “ceremony” aisle, flower crown). Lavender played a big part in this whole style but it was subtly done and mixed in nicely amongst different accents. The grey tones in the chairs and bench were also solid neutrals to enhance our palette. Our chargers were solid white as we took a fresh approach, allowing the glass dinner plates to really shine. I wanted to make a clear emphasis on minimal floral and focus on candles. I am a HUGE fan of candles and absolutely believe they make or break a setting. If I could have 100 candles on my dinner table at home, I would. Instead of a traditional centerpiece, we opted for a green garland with pops of wax flower and misty blues incorporated and we thought many people might relate to this look of sticking to a simple garland, focusing on ambiance and lighting. One of my favorite parts about this whole dinner table was when the sun started to set and the light hit the rim of the lavender cups- it really allowed the colors to illuminate and the candlelight made an extra statement! We thought it’d be neat to showcase a style that could be done in a neutral, minimalistic way and still look absolutely gorgeous. It all really depends on where you put your emphasis and what you would desire for your audience to be drawn into!

Planning Process: The one thing I was sure of was that I wanted Stewart and I to plan, style, and photograph our first inspirational shoot together. The reason for this was because I desired to show our couples and audience a bit of our own style and taste as photographers. It may have seemed like a lot of work to style and shoot but it honestly was SO refreshing to create and photograph without any limitations. It was definitely a challenge from time to time but we had an amazing experience and are so happy we did this together. :) Moving forward, we knew the space we wanted to use for our shoot and it was in a sky-rise condominium in downtown Los Angeles. Our dear friends, Ron and Sarah, allowed us to use their modern space and we fell in love with the number of large windows, allowing the sun to shine right in with an abundant amount of natural lighting. It was just perfect. At the same time, we reached out to Stewart’s friend, Hailey Johnson, to be our gorgeous bride model. Hailey does professional modeling and sings opera, which I find so neat. We couldn’t have collaborated with anyone better. She is just so soft-spoken and classy- she really was the perfect model for our vision! When we thought about make-up and hair for our bride model, we automatically thought of the wonderful ladies of Studio mm&b and honestly, their work is like magic. I had explained to them the look and style desired for makeup and hair and they absolutely nailed it come shoot day. Stewart and I can’t wait to work with them for a number of weddings this year! Creating the menus with our lovely friend, Diana Lee, was so much fun. I actually had Hailey in mind as much as I was thinking about our color palette and style when it came to calligraphy styles. I desired for our menus to look romantic with the right amount of softness and I knew this wouldn’t come out the way I envisioned if they weren’t hand-lettered. We picked the right shade of lavender and ran with it- it was beyond beautiful as they sat on the dinner plates! As for rentals, we were so stoked that Archive Rentals (Krista & Shauna) collaborated with us and provided all of our gorgeous items that we hand-picked to execute our vision! Stewart and I love their warehouse and just drool at all of their pieces. We adore Krista and we were thrilled to finally work on a project together!

Stewart and I didn’t plan this shoot for a long time and it wasn’t a gradual process but it’s amazing how each detail started to fall together right into place one after another. Stewart and I are incredibly thankful and are reminded of God’s grace and guidance in all of this. We’re so proud of the outcome and can’t thank our collaborators enough. This inspirational shoot is very dear to our hearts and we are so excited that the whole world is able to see it too! :) ENJOY!


Styling & Photography: Stewart Uy Photography

Event Design & Floral: Connie Chang of Stewart Uy Photography

Hair & Makeup: Studio MM&B

Calligraphy: Diana Lee

Gowns: Simply Bridal

Model: Hailey Johnson

Rentals: Archive Rentals

Venue: Mercury Building in DTLA


















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Styling & Photography – Stewart & Connie
Hair & Makeup – Studio MM&B
Calligraphy – Diana Lee
Gown – Simply Bridal
Model – Hailey Johnson
Rentals – Archive Rentals
Venue – Mercury Building